"I admire the past masters who - with their style and craftsmanship - created fine jewellery that was distinctive of its time. I like to fuse elements of tradition with a contemporary design approach. We cannot move forward without learning from our past."

Irene Leahy


Irish Jewellery DesignerIrene Leahy is a leading Irish contemporary jewellery designer specialising in unique, beautiful and contemporary engagement rings, wedding rings and commitment rings in Platinum and Gold alongside Silver fashion ranges for men and women. We have been producing jewellery in Cork city since 1996 and consistantly create exciting new collection for men and women.

The Irene Leahy ethos was born at the bench in kilkenny a renowned jewellery & craft heartland.

From the age of 13 Irene apprenticed in the finest techniques of traditional craftsmanship. She perfected the art of high end diamond jewellery mounting and antique restoration in an environment where skill was paramount and perfection was the only acceptable standard.

This foundation of technical excellence and classic artistry is now the pre-requisite for Leahy's discerning philosophy. The House of Irene Leahy,now named IMB Design, atelier comprises a team of highly-skilled artisans, designers and technicians, all trained in the delicate yet innovative art of goldsmithing.

It is these fundamentals that equip IMB Design to break away from the expected and play with conventions, bringing a modern and unique dynamic to exquisitely crafted bespoke jewellery.